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Style is the fashion of the soul, something that we are born with and has much to do with our character and worldview.

More than likely you like certain pieces more than others, and wear these or those accessories. There are some colors that like best when choosing your wardrobe, this is something you associate with the personality you want to portray. That is precisely your Style, and whether you are or not sure which one it is, we want to invite you to identify your style among the ten options that we have outlined for you. Get in…  and look for your style or styles. Wear it and then look right into your fashion character.

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While fashion is proclaimed to be for everyone, we all know that this is not completely true. The thing is that not everyone is the same, nor we all live in the same place. The weather varies throughout the world, and with it the type of clothing you wear. So your wardrobe choices will depends on your body type, your style, the trends, the place where you live and the season of the year. Also we want you to remember that, common sense is a very good advisor when it comes to fashion. So choose whatever you like from the fashion world, but don’t forget to take into account the place where you are and the time of the year you are in. Don’t worry, is not as difficult as it sound. Fashion Factor is here to help you in every step of the way.





Welcome to this select multimedia collection of the most outstanding activities in the fashion world: Runways, Films, Important events and different topics from our issue. Enjoy them!

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