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Accessories SS19


Fashion Factor brings you the most outstanding and influential accessories of this season.

These beautiful pieces remind us of the picnic baskets that we usually use during the spring and summer. The only difference is that this one has a little more structure and customization. They are woven in wicker, and thanks to the rigidity of this material the designers have been able to play with their shapes, creating bags in different forms like a trunk and an animal. They are usually decorated with pompoms or made in part with bamboo strips. This type of bag, with its romantic air, is undoubtedly a trend that makes us appreciate even more the handcraft. 

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We recommend wearing them in day looks, with culotte pants that evoke the feeling of a summer day in the country. They match perfectly with printed garments because they stand out more for their shape than for their color.

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These sunglasses are perfect for your summer vacation. But they will also stand out regardless of the weather. The main colors for this season are pink, purple and orange. We will see them in thin frames or in an all-lens build made from a single piece. They are usually made from a plastic material in a very futuristic design, that has been adapted to the different shapes that are on trend this season, like the round or aviator style sunglasses. 

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When choosing them, you should think about your style, the shape of your face and the color of your skin and not just in what outfit you are going to wear them with. By the way, once upon a time, the transition from mirror lenses to single-color lenses was once considered a childish evolution, now they are one of strongest trends of the season.

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A bag can be the perfect accessory if you want to be really bold and daring. This season the bags come with decorative hardware pieces in geometrical shapes, that go from small circles to oversized trapezoids, in metallic tones

In some cases these pieces play a two part role, on one hand, they serve as bag handles, and on the other as decorative pieces, that balance they size with their geometric shapes and by being flatter.

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These bags are coming to stay. They match almost everything, and their timeless character makes them one of the must-haves of this season.

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The question for this season is how small the bag can be? The answer to this question is the new mini designer bags that stand out for their geometric forms and meticulous construction. Despite their size, they have all the basic elements of a normal sized bag, the only difference is that you will have to prioritize what you carry in them.

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Another flattering detail is its long chains that allowed you to wear it cross-body, making it easier to wear them while at the same time carrying other elements.

These bags are very small but flashy, so make sure they are the main stars of your outfit by pairing them with garments that share a color with your mini bag. You can also combine them with garments that have gold accents, as these bags are loaded with ornaments and miniature hardware.

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