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Fashion Factor brings you the most outstanding and influential trends in the fabric world this season.

This spring-summer 2017, cotton invades the streets and runways. It is a textile that allows for countless volumes to be created. These volumes highlight the silhouettes and provide a light and fresh structure to the garments. Cotton becomes the canvas for garments that are sophisticated, modern, and at the same time timeless.

The boom of this textile is linked with the comfort and well-being it provides. Other textiles with similar qualities are poplin, lawn, and batiste. They are light, soft and delicate fabrics that are usually used as lining materials in garments, and which today define the new sartorial style for this season’s shirts and dresses.

The trend of using materials that create loose garments with volume continues, this time with the drill. A fabric that gives volume while still maintaining the lightness that is necessary for the summer. This utilitarian look gives a casual feel to this summer’s sophisticated garments made of linen and lace. We will see it in neutral and earth tones like military green, cabbage green, beige or khaki.

This textile presents a variety of options from where to choose from. We will usually find it in lower garments such as shorts, pants, and skirts. A general feature that adds volume is the use of pleats.

This spring summer season, this delicate material takes over the streets in unexpected ways. We will see from two extremes: as the maximum expression of sensuality, up to the new ways of using it and adapting it to different styles that normally don’t wear this fabric.

The proposal that we will see more often in the streets is based on typically demure silhouettes made with this material, breaking away from what is traditionally considered sexy. One of the greatest novelties of the season is that underwear turns into outerwear thanks to this trend.

This textile is the pure expression of tradition and minimalism. Perfect for the woman who likes to feel dressed-up but free at the same time. Linen creates loose silhouettes that project elegance. It is a fabric that adapts to many styles, and especially to this season because it acts as a bridge between formal and casual.

This lightweight fabric, made of natural fibers, is perfect for the summer season because it allows the body to breathe. We will see it on the street mostly in wide silhouette trousers. Loose silhouette pants suits, dresses, and skirts are other interesting proposals that we will see in this fabric. Many times we will find it pair with other loose garments, like white shirts, and flat shoes that complement the lightness of the ensemble.

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