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Fashion Factor Generation 20’s SS19

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This is a very important age for an urban style woman; A time when she surrounds herself with rebellious people and moves in diverse environments. Don’t give up on the trends, but neither on comfort.This is the perfect time to play with timeless pieces and different silhouettes. This season, combine essentials from your wardrobe, basic shirts, and sneakers, with trendy elements like garments with some type of washing process, frayed shorts and accessories with some kind of sparkle. For you the key this season is to keep playing with the proportions, this will help you achieve very trendy outfits for the spring and summer.



Use every opportunity to show off your style. For example, combine classic garments like jeans, with pieces like off-white blouses, this will give a very distinctive but elegant touch to your look. Wear it with heels that have some type of hardware details. If you feel like they don’t fit the occasion, choose a pair that doesn’t have a pointed-toe. Finish your look with a clutch, this will create an attractive look that can be used for different occasions.



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At your 20s, wearing an irreverent look is the best thing that can happen to you. At this age, your bohemian style is a constant exploration between your wardrobe basics and colorful eye-catching garments, layers, and textures. Although it is a style that projects a rather “carefree” image, we know how much time and effort it takes to properly mix the elements to actually achieve this effortless look.

This is a style that is constructed from very eye-catching garments, so the casual look is relatively simple to achieve. Combine jeans or denim shorts with a blouse, and a printed or textured vest with sparkle detail, this will create a versatile and eye-catching look. For the sunny days, a pair of gladiator, or open back sandals will be the perfect complement to your look.


For a formal occasion go with something simple, choose a printed sleeveless dress with a romantic touch, and pair it with heeled sandals in burgundy tones and a good clutch.You must never forget the accessories: earrings or bracelets, depending on the dress you wear, are a must-have that will make your look splendid for the night.


Street Style

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For the Trendy, the concept of dressing according to her age is obsolete. But what is clear is that in her early youth is when she tends to experiment the most; She is aware that her body and environment are ideal to try the newest and most daring trends.


For this season we invite you to play with garment combinations. Combinations of unconventional colors and finishes in different cuts will create an innovative mix for your look. A shirt in a summer color, pair with some jeans and sneakers will create a relaxed look, that is completely on trend and easy to wear at any time. Don’t forget to accessorize, choose a pair of sunglasses and small silver earrings.

For a formal occasion, experiment with innovative garments; For example, striped dresses with asymmetrical cuts will be the perfect pieces to create an innovative, but simple look that will make you stand out among your friends. Lastly, add a pair of stilettos and a clutch, they will give an elegant touch to your look.



Street Style

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This summer season is the perfect time to play with garments full of different textiles and fabrics, preferably in lightweight fabrics. For those hot summer days, choose fun and playful dresses full of textures and pair them with some strappy sandals. For a formal outfit, we recommend a dress in a sheer or cotton fabric, with ruffles or floral prints. These fabric are perfect for the summer season because they will help you stay cool during the hot weather. Finally to make your outfit more romantic, choose a pair of stilettos and a small bag, like a clutch in a color that contrasts with the dress.  



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This is the age to enjoy and be daring with fashion. The youth and freedom of this age allow you to experiment and discover what you really like about fashion. Even though you lean more towards classic pieces, you can still mix and match them with the most innovative and daring trends of each season.

Being young means being adventurous and daring. So this spring/summer experiment with innovative silhouettes full of textures, prints, and asymmetric shapes. Bet on two piece sets with interesting color combinations; Combine your clothes with light and neutral color shirts, to give a fresh look to your look. Do not forget to play with accessories such as printed shoes and unstructured jewelry. The key is knowing how to balance your silhouette and materials to form the perfect collage between classic and experimental.



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The Tomboy style woman likes to experiment with fashion, especially with silhouettes. Taking men’s clothing and making them part of their wardrobe becomes an extremely interesting game for her. This season we recommend garments with loose silhouettes, like straight leg jeans, men’s shirts and even overalls, these will help you distance yourself from the typical female figure we see on the market. Finish the look with a pair of oxford shoes and some striking accessories, like a watch, to add personality to your look.

For a formal look, choose a basic two-piece suit with a twist; Select one in striped or textured fabrics. Accessorize with a ring, a pair of point-toe heel shoes and a good clutch, this will add a touch of femininity to this classic, masculine suit. Always remember: the idea is not to dress like a man, but rather to take masculine fashion as a reference and to make it part of your feminine look.



Street Style

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This is a style that starting from its name makes reference to adult ages. However you —from your age— can wear this style without looking older. The key to achieve this is to include pieces or silhouettes that give a youthful touch to the look; For example, choosing a fitted skirt or dress in a classic silhouette, that is just above of the knee will be a good way to adapt this style to your age. Also, try to bring life to your looks with pieces in unconventional materials, like metallic or textures, or with certain details like buttons. These elements will renew the classic pieces.



Street Style

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The Preppy style is on trend right now, so you are going to see many versions of it on the runways. It lends itself to be merged with other trends and style; For example, we suggest that you pair a classic shirt, with sparkle details, with shorts in a romantic cut. Accessorize your casual looks with elements such as sunglasses or sneakers, as these accessories have become a part of your style in the mind of designers. For an evening look, dare to wear short dresses with some flower textures or in pastel colors, accompanied by accessories like the iconic headband; Also choose a pair of heels with fun and romantic designs, and finish the look with a classic design bag in a color that matches the dress.



Street Style

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We know that you favour classic pieces, and don’t really like prints and vibrant colors; However our invitation is for you not to lose the youthful spirit that comes with this age and to take some risks, for example: a classic look, in a vibrant color or in denim with some type of wash, paired with accessories that contrast with your outfit, will make you look very attractive. For the evening, a turtleneck shirt or a dress in a neutral color, accompanied by classic pieces in contrasting colors, such as bags or good quality jewelry, will create the perfect balance. A pair of velvet heels in Aurora Red or in burgundy will be the perfect complement to your formal look.



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For the twenty-year-old seductress is very easy to achieve a leading role. Her body is in its best shape and can wear several trends at the same time, simply by unifying them in some way. The spring/summer season is the best time of the year for this style to shine. Tight fitting silhouettes, risky cuts and sheer fabrics that let you see some skin are an important part of the seductive woman’s look. For a casual look, wear ankle boots with denim miniskirts or shorts pair with a blouse knotted at the waist; Add a choker to bring more life to this look.


For the evening, choose a slip dress in a striking color. Remember that the slip dress, with its underwear inspiration, will be one of the sexiest outfits you will find this season. Finish the look with a pair of strappy heeled sandals or ankle boots.


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Denim is a versatile material that adapts to all styles and ages, learn more about it in our denim section.

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