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Fashion Factor Generation 40’s SS19

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The conviction about her style of an urban style woman in her 40s is a model to follow for the younger generation. As long as you don’t lose your good taste, your outfits will always be a role model to follow. Shirt dresses are a very good choice to showcase this style. This is a styling trick that will give you a youthful but very effortless look. Pair it with masculine-inspired shoes and simple but striking accessories.



For a more formal occasion, wear a jumpsuit that makes your body look sleek without being tight-fitted; The idea is to convey the relaxed spirit that is so distinctive of your style. Likewise, accessories like mid-heel mules will be the most appropriate choice for your look.


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Your forties are a full and mature age when your style is very well defined. Is ideal to wear classic silhouette pieces, however, you must pay attention to the details. So this season woven garments or pieces with shiny textures, in earth tones, pair with jeans or a skirt will be a perfect choice for you. Finally, choose subtle accessories that don’t draw attention from the top.


To highlight your look we suggest choosing a bag with subtle sparkly details. Select versatile and comfortable shoes in earth tones, that are somewhat uncovered, because remember: we are in spring – summer. For the evening, a loose blouse with prints of planets and stars pair with accessories in colors that contrast with your outfit will create a relaxed look that is perfect for a night on the town with friends.


Street Style

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In her 40s these women already have a very clear style. They know how far they can let themselves go with trends and how far they cling to the classics. They have learned how to select what works for them and what not. It is not easy for a store to convince a woman of this style to try a new trend. Each season these women use their experience and criteria to select what will become part of their closets. Our recommendation for you is to stick to the silhouettes, that you know work for your body, and renew the materials of the garments. You can also try selecting garments that are commonly traditional and combining them in such a way that they become totally new and daring.


A Contemporary woman knows better than anyone what works for her. However, we invite you to try the colors of the season and new silhouettes in order to bring life to your wardrobe. You have the ability to transform with just some details, very elegant clothes into comfortable looks.


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This season we invite you to see your style from a silhouette perspective, leaving aside prints; however with the help of color you can achieve a very romantic look, but with minimalist touches. A white and light coffee palette, accompanied by wide silhouettes, will give you a very sophisticated look that is easy to achieve. A dress with crochet and lace details it is also an unusual combination that can be very romantic. Look all the things you can achieve by experimenting with your style!


For the evening, a white dress with wide ¾ sleeves accompanied by strappy heel sandals and white and gold accessories will create a very romantic look that is perfect for any occasion.


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Congratulations to the Trendy in her 40’s, who has managed to find that balance between her professional commitments and her passion for fashion. That is why this season we invite her to play with silhouettes; for example, skinny jeans accompanied by a sleeveless top with a split on the side, the visionary style woman never loses her creativity. Pair them with classic oxford shoes with stud details. These shoes never go out of fashion and the more you are, the older you are, the greater the impact among your friends.



For a formal occasion, choose a top and pants set in a single color and pair them with a corset in vibrant colors that brings life to your look. By pairing them with pink sandals and handbags and very feminine accessories you will be able to achieve a very interesting contrast between masculinity and femininity.



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A Tomboy woman in her forties seeks a balance between elegance and masculinity, without necessarily losing her joy for making unusual combinations. Her main purpose is that it doesn’t look “feminine”, it doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a dress or a skirt.

This season we suggest wearing a striped shirt with classic jeans, and a pair of comfortable slippers, these will give a feminine touch to your androgynous outfit. Complement the look with strong accessories in gold and a black clutch. This combination is perfect for both night and day. At night, or for formal occasions, the tomboy style woman may choose more sensual options, without forgetting that touch of masculinity that is so characteristic of her style.



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This is a critical age for the career and social life of a Sophisticated style woman. For her, it is important to look flawless all the time. That is why she will always find a way to accentuate her figure; The Madam Glam style woman likes to show-off her body, so she prefers to wears fitted dresses or bodysuits in order to accentuate her figure. For a casual look, combine a bodysuit with a pair of jean, this will add a touch of serenity to your daring looks. For more formal occasions, wear a fitted dress, with a different structure on the shoulders in order to give some strength to your look. We know that your style loves high-heels so choose a pair of elegant black strappy sandals that match the dress. Complement your look with strong accessories such as oversized earrings, rings, and leather shoulder bags in classic colors such as black and gray.



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Age can not be an obstacle to having fun with clothes. Thanks to the social circle she moves in, the Preppy style woman, tends to become safe with her wardrobe choices. Our advice is not to lose that fun side and to try and include it in key pieces of each look. For example, wear woven garments or shirts with details in the neck.


For the formal look, wear woven or textured garments but without forgetting your prep school style. Add some interesting touches to your look with accessories, bags, and shoes in materials that are unusual for a preppy style woman.


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The forties are an age of confidence in style. This woman knows what she likes and what works with her body type. Throughout her life, she has accumulated pieces to which she comes back every season because for her quality is very important. At this stage, we recommend experimenting with dresses that combine textures, such as a dress with stripes in the top and a black skirt. Slight variations in the accessories will give you a renewed look.


For a night out, experiment with traditional colors like red. For example, this wrap dress, pair with accessories like earrings, bracelets and some high heel sandals, will be the perfect way to show off your traditional style. You should never change the discreet way in which you update your style.


Street Style

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The seductive style woman in her forties knows that sensuality is a combination of the ideal outfit with a matching attitude. In order for her to properly show skin and common sense in a casual look, we suggest wearing a semi-sheer lace bodysuit, a garment that is both comfortable and sensual at the same time. Pair it with accessories that show strength, like a pair of black leather pumps with eyelet details or a leather and stainless steel watch. For the evening, you can also wear a bodysuit, but this time give it a greater role by pairing it with a fitted skirt, this is a very elegant but still sensual choice. Moreover, in this look the accessories are the stars of the show; they will give you that extra touch of sensuality and fun that you like so much.



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You already know how to live your style according to your age, so now learn about the latest trends for your style, here.

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