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Greenery, Pantone 2017 color of the year

Pantone’s color of the year is gaining more and more influence in the industry and in our lives. Although, it does not affect us directly, the fact is that, whether we are aware of this or not, everything around us is gradually taking the same tone. A clear example of this was how Rose Quartz, one of 2016 Pantone’s colors of the year, was the main figure of the advertising scenes of the world.

For 2017, the color chosen is Greenery green, although it is not a very commercial color, it has undoubtedly been more present in history than any other. This tone, which imitates the color of foliage, evokes the start of a new cycle, the beginning of spring and the arrival of changes. It is synonymous with a true sense of revitalization, renewal and regeneration of the world. This is a consequence of the stressful pace of life that we live in.

Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

Colors that enrich the color palette for this year.

On the other hand, in the list of colors for the spring-summer season 2017 we find Niagara Blue, a similar shade to the color of denim, that evokes a desire to find balance and relaxation. Some of the designers who have used it recently are: Carolina Herrera, Zac Posen and Giorgio Armani.

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In contrast to the blue, but leading the list besides it, is Primrose Yellow, a color that radiates heat, vitality and enthusiasm. It has been seen on runways in  combination with Island Paradise Blue and Hazelnut.

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Another tone to highlight of this palette is Kale Green, because of the prominence that it has had in architecture. This we have seen reflected in hanging gardens, indoor orchards and terraces. The reason for this, has been the relaxing influence of this oxygenating and stimulating green on the atmospheres of workplaces.

Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

Joining the previous colors in the list are Lapis Blue, Flame Red and Pale Dogwood. Seasonal colors that are neutralized with the Hazelnut, an appropriate color for all seasons.

Greenery, oxygenating the new year.

In addition to the whole nature theme in which the Greenery green is inspired, this color relates with our desire for renewal, that is so characteristic of the new year. Also with our need to connect with our surroundings, from our emotions and environment, up to our food. We seek to detox ourselves from the excess of society and connect with the healthy thing that we can find in nature. So it is not so strange to say that this tonal range could resemble the colors of a brunch.

Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

Certainly, the search for well-being has been the main feeling that has permeated the Pantone color chart for the spring of 2017. From colors that inspire vitality up to earthy tones that help us connect with nature. This range is undoubtedly an example of what renewing the traditional tonalities of the season is like.


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