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Hairstyle Trends SS19

In this Spring-Summer 2018 reinvent your Style with one of these seven trendy hairstyles. Plus, we are going to show you some tips on how to highlight your face using the color of your hair.

This season the hair should be the center of gravity of your style. There is something for everyone: from the most classic to the most daring.

Because the hair is the thermometer of our emotional life, all our cuts should have a personal touch.


This trend is ideal for those women who want to renew their style without having to make drastic changes. This style has been one of the most use both on the runways and by celebrities. A tip to rock this trend is to opt for a rather soft and blunt appearance, by leaving the bangs short in the center and longer on the sides; This face-framing fringe will flatter the shape of your face.

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This season Platinum is all over the hair of the A-listers. It is feminine and edgy style, that will give you an androgynous and daring look. It is a shade that we will see in cuts like the Pixie, the Bob and the Short cropped. For this trend we recommend that you wear your hair as short as you dare, this will make it easier to maintain. Good hair conditioning is the key to this trend, so buy the best quality products for your hair. In short, this is a dramatic style that will highlight the delicate features of your face.

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This season, enhance the best features of your face but not with makeup, instead do it with your hair. Hair contouring is a way to sculpt your face in order to highlight your best facial feature by taking advantage of your hair. This technique is also perfect for the summer; It creates highlights in certain sections of your hair in order to enhance specific parts of the face, like the cheekbones and temples, and dark tones around the sections that you want to look sharper or more slender. Cutting your hair in layers or with a “V” in the front will make the changes feel more natural.

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Most of the trends offer us changes in the cut and color of the hair that challenge us to leave our comfort zone. They offer us renewed and sleek looks, but often at a high cost, they demand a lot of preparation, hours under the dryers and a very high maintenance. This trend is not one of them. In several runways, we saw that the hairstylist proposed more natural hairstyles. They invite us to do the same with our hair; taking into account how much time our lifestyle allows us to spend on our hair every day. Styling it would be easier if we choose a style that fits with the natural texture of our hair. This will make us look chic and effortless. Finally, this trend works best for women with curly and wavy hair.

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The Swag has become one of the most influential trends of 2018 thanks to its casual appearance, and that it works well for women with fine hair. The most striking thing about this cut is the way it makes the face looks slimmer with smooth layers and lines; Also its versatility since it works well with both smooth and wavy hair. The main characteristics of this cut are layers, waves, and bangs. It also has a height that is just past the shoulders and bangs that are long enough to be split down the middle. Finally, the styling possibilities for this trend are endless, you could simply use a hair dryer or just your fingers to create several trendy styles.

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This season super sleek hair is been regarded again by different celebrities as an object of luxury, sensuality, and extravagance. The most important thing for this trend to work is that the hair should look and be healthy. We suggest using a heat protector before ironing, this will help you prevent damage caused by heat styling. This style works well for both short and long hair. If you have short hair and you want an to achieve a long hair effect, try using extensions. They can give you that long, shiny and extra smooth hair appearance.

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Definitely, the haircut of the season is the Blunt bob. This version of the bob gives your hair a more neat, and strong appearance. It’s the perfect choice for those who are transitioning from long to short hair, and even for those who are trying to even out their layer haircut. The key to this cut is the symmetry, both on the sides, as well as the front and back. In addition, the uneven cut of the tips creates a smooth appearance. Two final advantages: it doesn’t add weight, and the face doesn’t look as static as with other versions of the bob.

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Complement an incredible haircut with the perfect makeup according to the 2018 trends.

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