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Madam Glam Trends SS19

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Shoes custom made for a sophisticated woman…

• Strappy sandals with slender stiletto heels.
•  Block-heeled mules or slippers in dark colors.
• Point-toe pumps with textures or animal prints.


The best bags for your style…

• Bags with minimalist cuts.
• Small sized shoulder bags with hardware and chain straps.
• Classic clutches with appliques.
• Small bags in animal skin.

• Leather clutches with monograms.


Finishing touches for your sophisticated style…

• Cat-eye sunglasses in earth tones.
• Scarves in animal print.
• Dark leather belts with metallic details.
• Gold bracelets with stone details.
• Lipstick in bright tones.

Long necklaces with large stone pendants.


A Madam Glam style woman takes care of every detail of the clothes she chooses. This season, we see modern blazers with thin sleeves, a silhouette that fits and shapes the figure. Pencil skirts in different lengths, fitted at the waist and hip. Bodysuits, blazers, and pants are some of the highlights for the Madam Glam style woman this season.


Fabrics in flexible materials, applied in blazers, skirts, and bodysuits. Soft fabrics, such as satin, or lurex fabric, will be perfect for this season.


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Madam Glam style women tend to be leaders because of their distinction and charisma. They have an impeccable and modern look. They like to wear bold accessories that are very well thought out; As for their color combinations, they prefer monochromatic options and like to leave the color touches for the accessories. As for skin, they don’t hide everything, but neither do they show it all. What is her Fashion Factor? … that they know that an extraordinary outfit, is the sum of the perfect pieces. 


Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

This season we will see garments full of textures, colors, and innovation.

These are the offering for this season:

Akris: For this season he decides to let some skin show, of course maintaining the basic structure that characterized his style. He deepened the necklines a little giving the models a somewhat disheveled and daring look. His designs are based on a seductive woman who likes to evokes desire.

Alberta Ferretti: This classic Italian brand took us back to the Golden Age of Hollywood: long dresses that frame the feminine figure, in neutral colors. Pair with accessories that become the center of attention.

Carolina Herrera: A brand recognized for its traditional shapes and silhouettes. This season it showed a daring and innovative proposal, ties at the waist and combinations of garments, like white button-up shirts with denim wrap dresses. This combination maintains a classic style, but at the same time adds a touch of sophistication to whoever is wearing them.

Moschino: This spring they show us a proposal for a funny woman who always wants to look perfect. We saw mixtures of fabrics and colors in the same garment, like patchwork denim sets with different fabrics. They suggest a mysterious sensuality that is very characteristic of the Madam Glam style woman.

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