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Nail Polish Trends S/S 2017


For this season the must-have colors are applied to short and rounded nails; matte and vibrant shades are ideal for this season. On the other hand, this year there are novelties, shades and finishes that will create a distinctive touch in the usual colors; that is why you should take a chance and experiment with the new trends that this season brings for you.

How to choose?

To begin with, nail polishes are an essential part of women’s makeup and that is why the nails have become a vehicle to express our own style. Ideally you should choose a nail polish that matches with your clothes, that is to say, as part of a whole; therefore, the way you decorate your nails will provide or not glamour, style and beauty to your outfit. Use them carefully, but without giving it to much thought.

Moreover, in your hands the possibilities that these trends bring are only limited by your imagination, therefore there is no limit for these small works of art that you can wear this season


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Despite the time that has passed, red continues to have its usual strength; that is why this tone reinvents itself this season in its different shades. Usually you’ll find it in bright red or in a dark red. In sum, red is a classic, glamorous, and stylish color that will always be on trend.

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Especially for this season, this trend comes in shades of light blue and metallic blue. Moreover, it is an essential color that can be use in any occasion. Also, the gloss effect is another plus that we will see this season.

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Without a doubt, one of the hottest shades of this season. It is a color that goes with everything and is easy to use. That is why, we will see it in daring women, who like to take risks with their makeup, but always looking trendy.

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It is usually one of the classic tones of the season. It is ideal for those women who don’t like to wear black, but who still want to wear a dark tone. We can find it in matte or glossy, so whichever of these trends you choose will be perfect.

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This season still white remains as a trend. Even more so, it is still a feminine and elegant tone for your nails. That is why conservative women preferred this fresh tone.

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Leave aside the typical nail polishes that require a top coat. On the contrary, this season use the new nail polishes with metallic effect, choose what color to wear according to your style. Surelly, the beauty and glamour in your hands will almost be like something straight out of a Sci-Fi  movie.

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New french nails

Despite tradition, this trend comes renew this season to break with some of the established canons of fashion. So, leave aside the classic nails with the white tip and dare to wear this style in bright nail polishes in different colors. Finally, the challenge for you is to combine them with your makeup.

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