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Tomboy Trends SS19


Shoes custom made for a tomboy style woman is…

• Classic oxfords in monochromatic tones.
• Thick soled sneakers.
• Kitten-heel pumps in colors, with slingback straps.
• •Leather slippers with chain details.


The best bags for your style…

• Leather backpacks with details like chains.
• Canvas bags in color block, in neutral tones.
• Leather shoulder bags, with geometric figures and in neutral colors.
• Leather tote bags with structured handles.


Finishing touches for your tomboy style…

• Tortoiseshell square-frame sunglasses.
• Men’s inspired watches.
• Silver jewelry with little details.
• Masculine leather wallets.

• Striped skinny scarves.



siluetas androgina tendencias por estilo fashion factor

Wide straight-cut blazers with structured shoulders; Tops fitted to the body, and flared at the bottom, with straight and minimalist cut sleeves; High-waisted straight-leg trousers fitted at the waist. Pants, blazer and shirts sets that are perfect for the Tomboy style woman.


texturas androgina tendencias por estilo fashion factor

This season the textures come in delicate cotton. Stay away from heavyweight and structured fabrics. Instead what you need are lighter fabrics like soft cotton in gray and blue tones.


Tomboy style women are demanding with what fashion proposes for them: they accept some changes, but designers need to be very ingenious in the way they present them. So this season they are betting on effortless looks. The key pieces for this season are blazers combined with sports t-shirts and shirts with pants in monochromatic tones. We will also see, blazers in lightweight materials and wide silhouettes. The ideal complements for this look: shiny shoes, with a touch of color.


This season we see simple lines and cuts and tailor-made designs, ideal for a Tomboy style woman.

These are the offering for this season:

Casely Hayford: A collection of daring, tight-fitting tailor-made silhouettes that combine seamlessly with turtleneck shirts with details like ties. A comfortable, versatile look to show off your style this season.

Christian Dior: The renowned fashion house favor fine tailoring in shades of gray: wide and long jackets combined with straight-leg trousers, walked down the runway.

Thom Browne: His versatility in this collection is beyond belief. Although he clearly evokes the preppy style in many of his looks, he also plays with feminine and masculine garments creating androgynous silhouettes that are perfect for the tomboy style woman.

Tommy Hilfiger: This collection, although clearly inspired by the beachy and uncomplicated style of the state of California, also shows an androgynous style, that is very much on trend on that part of the United States.

This season, masculine inspired suits, were created just for your style.

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