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Traditional Trend


Footwear fitted for a traditional woman...

Pointed-toe pumps with slim ankle straps, in dark tones.
Low-heel sandals in earth tones.
Sandals in dark tones, with subtle details.
Pumps in contrast color.
Loafers in metallic tones.


Bags custom made for you...

Shoulder bags with geometric designs and chain details.
Circular and medium size printed shoulder bags.
Totes in color blocks.
Handmade shoulder bags.
Totes in bright colors.


Finishing touches for your traditional style...

Aviator sunglasses in light tones.
Soft scarves with subtle prints.
Small gold earrings.
Hand-woven wide-brim hats.
Sober leather watches.


A traditional woman always chooses the same type of garments, that is why the silhouettes for this season come in simple lines: long and wide straight cut shirts, coats fitted at the waist and wide in the hip with delicate curves, skirts cinched at the waist that flared out from the hip (A line), delicate sweaters with wide necklines and tight sleeves. Finally, the traditional high-waisted pants without pockets and straight leg.


Soft and delicate to the touch, the textures for this season come without many finishes, the strong point of this season are smooth fabrics made with good quality cottons and in a variety of colors.



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In line with the style  of the Traditional woman, who is very careful with what she wears, this season offers us a sober style, with simple pieces and silhouettes, in monochromatic combinations to achieve fresh looks. Your are going to love the lightweight coats paired with shirts and wide leg pants; shirts fitted at the waist combined with A line skirts. The highlight of the season: the camel coat, a versatile garment that will make you look stylish. Also we will see a mixture of sweaters with wide silhouette pants. Your traditional concept has a wide palette of designs from where to choose from and feel comfortable in this season.


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This are the offering for this season:

Michael Kors: Minimalist looks, simple silhouette coats fitted at the waist in camel tones, accessories like striking belts and big bags in dark tones.

Ralph Lauren: A sober look with wide blazers paired with sweaters and wide silhouette trousers in lightweight materials, in earth tones.

Oscar de la Renta: A touch of color for this season: it combined close-fit sweaters in bright colors, with skirts, fitted at the waist and wide in the hip, that highlight your figure.

Tory Burch: Innovative details in long and lightweight coats that look like dresses, tailored for a slim fit and with pocket details.

This season dare to wear your traditional style with a modern twist.

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