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Trends Spring – Summer 2017


Do you know the new trends? Do not worry, fashion Factor will show you the most outstanding trends of the spring-summer 2017. We also have a full-on guide of personal style so you can successfully combine your clothes.

Regardless of how long ago it was, the influence of this period in fashion is undeniable. For this season, keep in your closet some of these iconic pieces: leather jackets in vibrant colors, paired with fun t-shirts with prints and embroidery. To look a bit more edgy use long coats in grey tones and squares; now they come with eye-catching lines that form unexpected figures. Pair them with black, either in garments or accessories, this will function as the basis of the look.     

Jackets come loaded with tropical colors inspired by birds, and it is usual to find in them embroidered sequin details. The more color you have in your look the more connected you will be with the trends. On the other hand, wear pieces like tops or blouses in strong colors with innovative and eye-catching details like bows. Take risks and dare to look different, but with style, this season.

The oriental influence has always had an enormous impact in fashion. This season, we see in the streets bold looks but with a lot of character. We also find printed and embroidered total looks, accompanied by shirts and pants in shades of blue with nature motifs like leaves or forests. 

On the other hand, is very natural to wear color contrasts this season. Some special pieces, like coats, come embroidered with birds and flowers, turning them into objects of desire for this season. Sweaters in blue tones, are accompanied by jackets made with shiny textiles, that bring brightness to the look. Is frequent to see the whole figure decorated with delicate printed details, inspired in the colorful oriental gardens.

Without a doubt, the sport trend is one of the most desired and therefore more widely consumed in the world. The news is that this season this trend reinvents itself; it breaks down some dress codes, creating more risky and less traditional looks; for example, shirts and pants in lightweight fabrics, in vibrant colors, with printed details and lines, accompanied by wide silhouette jackets, creating a mixture of proportions. 

On the other hand, basic t-shirts with eye-catching prints, are paired with bold animal print jackets; accompanied by large and bold bags in strong colors. Black will provide balance for these combinations. So without losing femininity, dare to wear hats, jackets and pants in contrasting colors and materials.

We have seen women, this season, who have broken with the standards of fashion in order to wear daring looks inspired in male clothing. Blazers in strong tones, fitted at the waist, accompanied by straight leg trousers in dark tones and shoes in animal prints.

Although total looks in intense colors are doubly risky, they look very effortless. This season, your masculine look, will be a success if you complement it with the right accessory, like a scarf or a hat.

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