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Trendy Fashionista Trends SS19

tendencias por estilo trends by style visionaria de la moda trendy spring summer 2017 primavera verano 2017 fashion factor


Shoes custom made for a Trendy style woman…

•  Point-toe high heel shoes with straps in contrasting textures and colors.
• Shoes with innovative designs in different tones and combinations of printed fabrics.
•  Origami inspired shoes.
•  Block-heeled sandals in dark tones with color accents.
•  Innovative shoes that evoke surrealistic figures.


The best bags for your style…

• Geometric design bags and vivid colors.
• Bags with surreal touches.
• Minimalist design bags, preferably in neutral tones.
• Bag with striking details, either textured or embossed.


The personal mark of a Trendy style woman…

• Futuristic-looking sunglasses in unconventional shapes.
• Innovative earrings with surreal designs.
• Lipstick in vivid tones.
• Printed scarves in innovative plastic materials.


Tops with daring cuts and off-the-shoulders that make the figure look slimmer; Skirts – fitted at the waist and flared at the bottom- that transforms the way this garment is worn. The Trendy style woman can now shape her body however she wants, thus highlighting her best physical attributes.


Soft, lightweight cotton that combines light and blue tones. A mixture of textures in color blocks that are woven together. Fabrics or interlined fabrics that modify the shapes, stand out this season.


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Trendy style women are not afraid to express their personalities with their clothing. Their self-confidence comes from that prized gift they have of being able to know intuitively the strength of the latest trends. This season plays with colors, daring cuts and the combination of different classic styles that bring to life your creative outfit ideas. Choose them in wide silhouettes and combine them with skirts and ankle boots. Accessorize the outfit with sunglasses and eye-catching bags.


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Innovative runways with daring looks for this season.

These are the offering for this season:

Iris Van Harpen: A futuristic collection with fabrics created in 3D printers. Wide silhouettes that harmonize beautifully in a woman’s body.

Maison Martin Margiela: A faithful offering to the style of its creative director John Galliano. A collection that offers a new version of the off-the-shoulders garments. It includes overloaded dresses and wide belts that suggest a futuristic and daring style.

Paul Smith: A mixture between classic garments full of prints, and striking colors that we normally wouldn’t use in the same look. We see daring and futuristic cuts that are somewhat different from what we are used to seeing from this brand.

Rodarte: Romantic dresses but taken to another level, with strong and daring cuts. The use of belts and heavyweight fabrics suggest a more visionary style.

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