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A woman in R-evolution

The intellectuals would say that “We are what we think”, while the romantics would reply that “We are what we feel”. For Fashion Factor, “We are what we do”. In matters of fashion there is something that always has the power of changing the mood of any woman: when we, for the first time, wear a dress that fits our body and vanity perfectly. This allows us to experience a moment of complete happiness. If the dressmaker or the designer gets it right in every way: the size, the color or the balance between our style and the fabric, it’s like the doors of fashion heaven had opened, allowing us to feel beautiful and glamourous.

Surely, before you put on a new dress you have a special ritual for it: you take a bath, apply lotion, shave your legs, among other things that help you feel gorgeous. It’s a magical moment. Putting a brand new dress that we love and know will dazzle others, is like a little pyrotechnic display that brightens our day.

Something very similar happens in our mind with every new year. Today, at the beginning of this one, we are full of expectations, good intentions and optimism that encourages us. We lived experiences of all kinds, fulfilled some dreams and failed in others. However, we are here now, in this 2017. Now, this is the time for new dreams, new goals and the hope of new things to come. So do not hesitate to achieve a look that goes with the adventure of living this new opportunity.

Fashion Factor International, the best digital magazine in the fashion world, will also accompany you in this new cycle. We have six cardinal points for you to find the harmony that all real women in today’s world can and should achieve.

Now that the assessments have been made, it is time to carry out your new year’s resolution; it is time to take care of yourself. Everyone around you, specially those you love the most, will be better off if you are doing well. So go ahead: 2017 is the way, your well-being the goal and our six Fashion Factor dimensions, your GPS.


Knowing what is happening in the world will allow us to have a clearer vision of what we wish to select in order to reinvent ourselves in these times of fast changes. So trust yourself, you are an example for your immediate circle. Let us sort out the different trends, silhouettes and colors of each season and show you what is best for your style.

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A good transformation must start from within, rising from the inside out until it is projected unto the world. Know yourself, from your tastes in clothing, to your body type. If you do this, it will help you potentiate your style. This way your look will always stand out and you will be able to shine with a light of your own. Style is an integral part of yourself.

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We recommend that any transformation should begin from within. Being the most beautiful does not guarantee happiness or success, but trusting yourself does give you a better chance. Dress up and get your hair and makeup done in your own way, the one that makes you feel your best. Make sure that comfort prevails over appearance. The attitude you take regarding each season is vital. In other words, believe it … and you’ll be as beautiful as you want to be.

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More than a garment, the dress you wear should be a special element that helps you show the best version of yourself. Learn from those celebrities of the past and the present who have manage to combine style and beauty. There is something special inside each and everyone of us that makes us unique and different. Combine the experiences and knowledge of these beautiful women with your own qualities and prepare yourself to dazzle everyone in this 2017.

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The key to good mental and physical health is to think positive. You must take good care of yourself, both body and soul. Learn from both your successes and mistakes. Harness this experiences, and learn how to take care of the most important dress you will ever have: your own body. Pamper it, but with measure.

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The present will always be the best time to seek harmony in your life. Many famous women in the world have managed to achieve the pinnacle of success despite having faced difficulties. They are the example that you can follow in order to make your own life more coherent, significant and pleasant in all the different aspects of your life, especially in the world of fashion.  

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Remember that a woman who cares for herself knows that she must take good care of her health and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Live fashion according to your style and glamour so you may look as beautiful as you feel.

It’s 2017, put on your new dress, enjoy your new look, and never doubt your place in fashion and the world. Fashion Factor is always with you.

 One more tip for you, allow color to enter your life. Visit our article: Greenery, Pantone 2017 color of the year and find out why this green is the color of the year.

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