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The 6 Best Uniforms in Rio

Great Britain, by Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney, who for some time now has designed for the renowned german brand Adidas, was in charge of the olympic wardrobe for the UK. She use innovative fabrics stamped with bold prints, always thinking about the comfort and the significance of the body for each athlete. The garments included technological advances created by Adidas.

France, by Lacoste

Lacoste, the french brand known worldwide for its style and sport design concept, introduced a modern collection for the french team: wide silhouette jackets, combined with pants in white tones. They achieved a casual look and up to the standards of this prestigious event. As color accents and to represent the brand Lacoste used red and blue in the garments. INGLES

Canada, by Dsquared

The famous brand Dsquared, created by brothers Dean y Dan Caten, designed the Canadian team’s collection: the color red was the guiding thread of the collection, cotton blazers that fitted the waist  and light sweaters, matched with pants in dark tones with a rib hem. The result was a versatile and comfortable look for the athletes,  a very casual proposal for this prestigious event.

USA, by Ralph Lauren

The international Ralph Lauren has dressed the USA Olympic team once again. Its experience, talent and good taste shines throughout this collection. With a fresh look, and the use of the colors blue, red and white applied to the iconic polos, bermudas shorts and pants, Ralph has managed to give an air of summer to this collection. Fitted garments that have highlighted the athletic figures of the Americans.


Cuba, by Christian Louboutin

With the recent collection of Chanel in Cuba, it is not a surprise that all eyes are on the island. On this occasion, the renowned french designer Christian Louboutin, together with the ex-athlete and businessman Henri Tai, designed a collection that reflects the caribbean energy. Blazers that shape the silhouette of the athletes in vibrants tones of red, mixed up with short pants. In short, a game of proportions and a casual style, with a touch of informality, in order to welcome the wonderful weather of Rio

Sweden, by H&M

One of the biggest brands in Europe, H&M, dressed the Swedish olympic team for Rio 2016. The collections is characterised by a modern, fresh and youthful look. It is worth mentioning that it was made with ecological and self sustaining fabrics. Finally, a look that highlighted the figures was achieved by using intense yellows combined with blue. It included sweaters, wide silhouette jackets in fresh fabrics with color blocks, and combined with short sleeve crop tops.

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