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Denim Trends Spring Summer




For this season manufacturers revive ancient handcrafted techniques, taking as reference urban styles, like the ones from the Deep South of the U.S.A and Bangkok. We will see attractive mixtures of rock style with bohemian touches. Distressed denim adds a fresh and irreverent look to the garments giving a special touch to this trend. This season handcrafted pieces gain strength among those who like to customize their garments.

Key Accessories

Bags made in denim with a mixture of material; eye-catching bracelets with studs; mirrored sunglasses with geometric frames; high top sneakers with details; leather and metal watches and, of course, the essential scarves with ethnic-inspired prints. With these accessories you have a lot of options to have fun with your style.



This season, the elemental trend prevails thanks to the simplicity of its forms and denim takes on a more functional role. Technological high performance fabrics are created, garments that are modified for durability, appearance and comfort. For example, we can find blends of polystyrene with cotton for greater strength, and also for more ethical development of the clothing. This means, that fashion is becoming more technical. In this trend we can appreciate an interesting contrast: roughness in the outer materials and a very cozy feel on the inside of the garment.

Key Accessories

Hats in tones of blue, combined with bags in a mixture of colors and metallic textures are ideal to wear this season. Comfortable platform shoes with denim finishes and prints. Aviator-style mirrored sunglasses and watches with metallic effects. Must-have, leather bracelets with embellishments. Each style can choose the accessories that best suit for them.



In the search for new aesthetics, the remastered trend manages to unite new fashion concepts achieving a fresh look with innovative details in the clothes; in it, the urban clothing brings a strong sports inspiration. This trend blends concepts from the past with futuristic lines to create a fusion where the unimaginable becomes a reality in today’s fashion.

Key Accessories

Innovative headphones full of detail in gray tones with gold touches. Structured leather bags in dark tones. The cell Phone cases reinvent themself and come with bold appliqués. We will see wide brim hats with some color accent. They say that time is money, so you should choose wisely the ideal watch; we suggested that you choose one in a mixture of colors and materials.



An Eccentric season, this trend is born from the curiosity, the need of breaking the rules, the drive of creating new concepts and expressions in fashion, in short, creativity in the pursuit of a new style. The youth from the internet generation create trends in which they pay tribute to the past through the clothing; however, they redesigned them thus creating an unconventional but very interesting style.

Key Accessories

They are bold and full of design, for example: oversized watches with accents in vibrant colors ; bags with motifs; sunglasses with round-frames and with dégradé lenses. You can also add wool hats in dark tones, and printed scarves in surrealist designs with pins. This trend doesn’t follow any guidelines, it is eccentric and it seeks that each one, in their own style, customizes their garments.


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