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Golden Globes 2017

Dancing, drama, and comedy. Romance, dreams, and triumphs. Stars and speeches about inequality all took center stage during the 74th annual edition of the Golden Globes awards hosted by comedy star Jimmy Fallon.

This gala full of magic and stars —which still preserves some of the feels of the old Hollywood— was broadcasted live to almost the entire planet. The beautiful ballroom became the perfect setting to show off the most glamorous dresses in a special night that honors the best of the best in films and television. Fashion Factor, always present in all events in which fashion and style are the stars, wants to join this ceremony by honoring the best actresses whose dresses shined in a night full of stars.

Here is the list of the best and worst dressed nominees from the first major award show of this 2017:

Best dressed

Elegance is something that should not have to be studied and this is something that Emma is well aware of. She wore a beautiful Valentino dress that evokes a romanticism that blends perfectly with the vibrant sparkles of the delicate star pattern of the dress. The silver choker with stone inlays presents a perfect balance with the neckline of the dress. Her hairstyle, a simple low updo collected to one side, is the perfect frame for a delicate and angelic face with makeup in nude to pink shades.

It seems that glitter and sequins were the main stars of the night, from details in dresses up to total looks, like this one, worn by Ruth Negga. This Louis Vuitton model looks like it came out from a retro-futurist poster, with its cuts and silhouette it resembles an armor, a very sophisticated one. The perfect complement to this monumental look, a smokey eye in the same metallic shades of the dress and a very clean and natural hairstyle that allows us to appreciate the her natural waves.

The lush interwoven garden created by Zuhair Murad becomes the main star of the dress. A beautiful rose gown that looks perfect on the porcelain skin of Lily Collins. Indeed, it is a dress that radiates sophistication. A tulle base with embroidered flowers that wraps around her torso revealing details of the skin and leaving the back completely exposed. Her red lips complements perfectly this fairytale style, that highlights her face without overpowering the rest of the look.

outfit Panty faja

Thandie Newton one of the stars of Westworld, the new Tv series that broke Game of Thrones’s record of viewers, decided to wear for this occasion a dress of Monse that perfectly combines a classic and clean silhouette with a touch of color in the skirt that looks like melted bronze or flames, giving it an intriguing and mysterious touch. This garments is another perfect example of the leading role that sequins played during this event. Her choice of accessories, a diamond necklace that falls down her back and creates a line almost parallel to her neckline, gives her a delicate touch. A natural hairstyle and makeup make the dress the star of the show.

outfit fajas busto libre

We have been witness to Sophie Turner’s evolution on the red carpet. She started her career in Game of Thrones when she was just only 15 years old and now, 5 years later, she has grown and matured both in age and style. This event proved to be the perfect place to prove it, a Louis Vuitton dress, in a mixture of transparencies, sparkle and cuts, allowed her to show off her seductive side. Another detail that did not go unnoticed was the styling she chose to accompany the dress, her hair smooth and perfectly combed giving her an air of sophistication and her smokey eyes and air of seduction.

outfit fajas panty

The winner of the night was Claire Foy, not only for her award for best actress in a TV Drama series, but also for her choice of gown: a sequined dress with rhinestone appliques that for some may have been too much, but that for us was a complete success. She honored her winning role with this updated twenties style silhouette. It was a wonderful experience to see how this Erdem creation reflected the light. On the other hand, her choice of styling was perfect for this dress: she worn her hair up, with small diamond earrings and an uncovered neckline that allowed her dazzling dress to become the star.

panty faja encaje outfit

Evan possess a special charm, a beauty that is able to transports us to the most magical and romantic stories of love and heartbreak. Her new, short hairstyle in a grayish tone and her fine tuxedo offered us a completely different version of the girl we were used to see. The straight lines and monochromatic look, in these classic pieces of men's clothing, teaches us that you do not have to wear a skirt or a dress to look glamorous and feminine. This was the message that the actress wanted to share with everyone by attending the gala in this wonderful creation of Altuzarra. In here, we see a strong lesson for young women: clothing does not belong to a specific genre, we are completely free to choose what we want to wear.

outfit leggins fajas

When seeing this dress, the first thing that we think is that Reese chose it as a nod to the yellow strapless cocktail dress that she wore 10 years ago in Golden Globes of 2007. Yellow is a difficult color to wear, but this woman has shown in two occasions —and in different tones— that she looks spectacular in it. Why? It is a color that complements her skin tone and makes her look youthful and optimistic. The silhouette is an excellent choice because of its simplicity and the fit that its small ruching provides. Her stylistic choice could not be better, it goes perfectly with the dress since the golden tone she choose blends somewhat with her skin tone. In addition, her low up-do makes it possible to focus all the attention on the cleavage.

outfit panty

Brie looked absolutely adorable during the Golden Globes award ceremony. Her red dress shined against the white of her skin, surely nothing can go wrong when the dress is tailor made to your body and style. We were surprised by the quality of the details found in the corset, small embroidered stones and ruching that enhanced the figure of the actress. The styling complemented perfectly the magnificent gown: the hair in loose waves over her naked shoulders, accompanied by a soft makeup and striking crimson lips.

outfit bra control

For this occasion, a romantic wave took over Hollywood, and pink becameone of the stars of this night. So Zoe Saldana did not settle for just one tone of this color. Ruffles and three shades of pink, gave life to this dress of the house of Gucci. Maybe this choice could have looked exaggerated in an other type of body, but not in the body of Zoe who looked perfect thanks to the contrast achieved between the dress and her skin tone. Her styling, simple and clean, created a perfect balance with the dress. We applauded her for taking a risk and having fun on a night in which some opted for safe and even boring choices.


Worst dressed

Anna kendrick added a little of drama to the night by wearing a Vionnet dress in a greyish tone, in an imperial and sophisticated style typical of this kind of galas, but not everything looks as good as it should under the spotlight. When the camera zooms in we can see that something doesn’t looks right on the bust area. They look completely disproportionate, one of them tends to look bigger than the other. We understand what Vonnet wanted to achieve by adding an element that stands out, like the cross sleeve, in order to give a chic touch to a dress that otherwise would seem very simple. But doing it from one of the breasts seems like a very daring decision and a little unflattering. Again her choice of makeup makes this young woman look much older, especially the color of her lips. Definitely a look that did not achieve its intended purpose.

One of the most controversial looks of the night was the one worn by Janelle Monae. It received mixed reactions, while some loved it, others thought it was too over the top. For us in Fashion Factor this look was just too much of everything, to much volume, too much sequins, too much mesh, plus an over the top headdress and to many rings. In our opinion, this is a formula that does not work well in theory and poses even more problems in practice. If we can rescue something of the whole look, it would be the headdress, an interesting proposal with the pearls, and the corset.

Sarah Jessica Parker is recognized for wearing majestic dresses and making the most daring choices on the red carpet, however her outfits are not always to the liking of the fashion critics. Nevertheless, here in Fashion Factor we applaud her daring style. For this occasion, she chose a white princess style Vera Wang dress, cinched at the waist with a delicate stone belt and half sleeves with bare shoulders. While her choice showed sophistication and luxury, she seemed to be attending her own wedding and not an awards ceremony gala, even more so if we take into account that Vera Wang is internationally recognized for her wedding dresses. As for her styling, her hairstyle looked like a tribute to the iconic Princess Leia of Star Wars, who is very much on trend these days due to the recent death of the actress who portrayed her Carrie Fisher. Jessica was definitely in the wrong event.

outfit Panty faja

This one, is the perfect example that sometimes more is not more, but just to much. Here we have a dress with volume, embroidery and a cross top, which is also accompanied by an intense makeup on both the lips and eyes, and on top of all these an elaborate hairstyle with a braided updo and big earrings. This is one of those moment when we can say that somethings are simply too much. Especially if we take into account the strong controversy about ethnicity and racism that we have been subject to in the last few days. We dare to say that this dress accompanied by a delicate styling or vice versa wouldn't have been on this list, so Olivia for next time, please choose: the dress or the styling.

outfit fajas busto libre

Model and actress Karrueche Tran attended the golden globes in a "hot pink" Dolce & Gabbana dress. This strapless dress fits her body perfectly with knee-length ruching, in a mermaid cut that works much better for a prom than for a gala of the level of the Golden Globes. Her styling does not help either, maybe her intention was to show an effortless look and boy did she do it!, but unfortunately the result is not what she hoped for. She just looks like a teenager obsessed with barbie’s style.

outfit fajas panty

Emily brought the gold to the red carpet by wearing a Reem Acra golden-yellow dress. This dress had a lot of things going on at the time: a plunging neckline, a silver halter neck that partially covered the back, and went down the front in a vertical strip that stopped at mid-leg where the high slit of the skirt began, allowing her to show of her beautiful legs in the middle of a cascade of fabric. We think she went a little too far. We know that Emily is a sensual woman, but she showed a little more than was necessary or appropriate for this kind of event. There was too much fabric and too much skin, the idea is to always balance these proportions. Definitely, Emily forgot the level of glamour that was expected for such an event.

panty faja encaje outfit

Louis Vuitton is Michelle Williams' favorite designer, on and off the red carpet. Since the moment she became the face of the brand, we have rarely seen her using anything other than the designs of this French house. In general, she makes very successful selections, she is even feature in our magazine in the section “Women behind the brand”. But this time, her outfit seems to lacked some of the glamour that we are used to see from her. Despite wearing a beautiful dress, we think that she looked a little too casual for such an important ceremony. In addition, the fabric looked very motionless, uniform and without grace. Something that we must recognize, is that her styling was very good: her platinum hair, style to one side and the black bow at her neck, highlighted perfectly her beauty.

outfit leggins fajas

We were completely taken back by the Viktor & Rolf dress worn by Miss Ryder. After a long absence from major events and red carpets, this was her opportunity to make a triumphant entry and to transform this into an unforgettable comeback after her role in one of Netflix's most watched series. Unfortunately, It didn’t happened that way. She chose a princess-style gown, fitted at the waist and with vertical cuts on the corset. She chose it in black, a recurring tone in her public appearances. To be honest we were expecting something more risky. Besides, her hairstyle and makeup made her look even older than she is. Winona lost a golden opportunity to shine in the red carpet and just played it safe.

outfit panty

A gilded look, with too much sparkle. We are used to seeing the exuberant figure of Sofia Vergara in mermaid silhouette dresses. However, for this occasion she wore a Zuhair Murad dress with gold and silver sequined embroideries, and strategically placed transparencies on the thighs, chest and arms. Although at first glance it seems like a glamorous choice, it was just to excessively ornate, and showed a little too much skin in the bus area.

outfit bra control

Wearing an Alexander McQueen gown will always be a risk, especially considering the eccentric nature of this fashion house where romanticism and baroque tend to be synonymous of exaggeration, an effect that often looks bad on the red carpet. This was the case with Nicole Kidman dress: billowy half-sleeves, a silver sequin design and a ruffled hem. In short: too much. We dare to suggest that this same dress, without those sleeves, would not have been on this list. On the other hand, her hairstyle, makeup and jewelry were a good choice for this outfit; They fulfilled their function: to match the dress without being to overpowering.

A night full of glamour, in a city of stars, show us that style is something that you learn with time. Read here about the stories of different women who have managed to find their place in fashion with great effort.

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