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Hairstyle Trends S/S 2017

In 2017 reinvent your style with one of the six essential hairstyle that are on trend this season. Plus we will show you a new way to wear your hair in order to protect it from the cold.

This season the hair should be the center of gravity of your style. There is something for everyone: from the more classic to the more risky.

The Hair is the thermometer of our emotional life


First, one of the high points for this season is the long hair with texture, ideally it should be cut in layers in order to achieve more movement. The idea of this technique is to wear some parts of the hair longer than others, also the fringe should be short in the front, this way you will achieve a fresh look.

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It is a cut that reinvents itself this season; the idea is to wear it with a completely straight fringe up to the eyebrow; while on the sides it must go beyond the chin. It is ideal that you wear it smooth. Finally to achieve a distinctive look apply an intense color or, if necessary, a more conservative tone.

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It is a very versatile cut, it can be worn in the day or in the evenings. This cut in particallar is characterized by a line in the middle of the head and a completely smooth appearance on the sides. By the way, a tip: to achieve a fresh look wear it behind the ears. Also the length should not exceed the shoulders. The color? You can wear it naturally or apply a light color tone. Remember that this type of cut goes without bangs.

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The XL long curly Bob haircut. This hairstyle has been designed for women with long and thick hair. Thus it is characterized by the volume and curls. Also it is a type of haircut that is slightly natural, modern and ideal for showing off this season. A tip: cut it in subtle layers, this way you will give more volume to your hair.

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This type of cut will always be on trend and still remains strong this season. It is a very versatile cut that rejuvenates your face and highlights your features. It is characterized by being short in the back and long in the front, creating an interplay of volumes. Something that stands out this season is the use of long fringes.

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A cut that is inspired by the military trend and on certain irreverence but without losing femininity. This cut has been a trend for several seasons and has been adopted by many women who are seeking a distinctive characteristic in their style. Finally, it is a cut that reflects the urban style from the most cosmopolitan cities.

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The hair tuck is a bold way to show off the hair. Here, the goal is to tuck the hair inside a coat or a scarf, in addition to looking very trendy it will help to protect the hair. No doubt we will see this trend in the streets of the major megacities of the world. Blond and brown will be the ideal tones for this style. Finally, we suggest that you choose a coat in an earth or dark tone, or with appliqués.

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Complement an incredible haircut with the perfect makeup according to the 2017 trends.

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