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Makeup Trends SS19

The runway offerings of 2018 showed us bold looks and daring makeup. The eyes are the main stars this season, for them, we see bright, dramatic and fun effects. In general, all attention is focused on a single focal point, whether it be the lips, eyebrows, cheeks or eyes. The rest of the face is left clean so that particular feature remains the center of attention

Although the trends offer us a guide, it doesn’t mean you have to follow all the rules. That is why in Fashion Factor we want to carefully explain to you the most relevant trends for your style

If you want to complement your look, according to your style, get some ideas in our sections haircut trends and nail polish trends.



This season a graphic theme was seen on different runways. In them, small but dramatic details in the eyes became the focal points, while the rest of the face was made up in the makeup-no-makeup look, that is on trend this season.  

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How to do it?

To achieve this look, simply replace your usual black eyeliner with one in an orange, vibrant blue or yellow color, depending on your skin tone, and apply it as you usually do. If you want to add more drama, fill in a triangular shape in the inner corner of the eye, where you usually apply the highlighter. Even a simple line above the eyelid would highlight your eyes even more.


The smokey-eye keeps appearing season after season as the best choice for creating a dramatic look. But this season we will see a lighter, more subtle version that is mostly kept around the lash line. This smoked effect gives the impression of a messy appearance as if it had been applied the night before.

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How to do it?

First, apply the eyeliner on the entire waterline of the eye and then with a brush and a touch of eyeshadow, softly smudge it on the eyelid, keeping the roundness of the eye. Another option would be to lengthen it, in order to create a cat-eye effect.


For this 2018 the thick eyebrow trend continues, but this time we will see them get fuller and look somewhat disheveled, giving the appearance of not being perfectly groomed. This trend will favor natural well taken care of eyebrows. This style contrasts greatly with the super skinny brows of the late 90’s, a fashion trend that affected many women who had to anxiously wait for months, even years, for their eyebrows grow back.

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How to do it?

To achieve this look, use an eyebrow mousse and apply it following the natural direction of your brows. This is a product that adds length and gives the brows more body while filling any sparse spots.




The glitter trend continues but this time we will see it on the lips, creating a very chic and futuristic look. It can be applied in large quantities covering the entire lips for a dramatic look or, just a hint in the cupid’s bow with metallic tones on the lips for a more subtle one.

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How to do it?

First, apply petroleum jelly or lipgloss, either transparent or in the same color of the glitter that you are going to use. Then, with a flat brush, apply the glitter with soft touches until your lips are completely covered.


Red is always on trend, but for 2018 it comes with two variables: first, the spotlight is on the lips, while the rest of the face is left almost bare and without color. Second, these lips have no edges, no definition, no lip liner, thus creating a blurred and faded look.

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How to do it?

To achieve this effect apply your lipstick as you usually do; then using the tip of your finger or a cotton swab diffuse the edges of the lips.



This trend seeks to regain the purity of the face by favoring a more natural look and not the traditional or excessive use of makeup. It’s a proposal full of lightweight products that will provide freshness to the skin. It will also help you preserve its luminosity so that you can look as natural as possible.

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How to do it?

To achieve this effect you have to use three products. First, start with a pre-base or primer to smooth and moisturize your skin. Then apply a concealer, in a shade similar to your skin tone, on the blemishes or red areas. Finally, apply a BB cream type base, to achieve a flawless finish. This type of base has a medium coverage that will help you preserve the natural appearance of your skin.


This technique, a retro-trend from the 80s, is becoming increasingly popular because it gives a more defined and stylized contour to the face. The most dramatic version of this trend applies an intense red blush or eyeshadow from to the top of the cheekbones, into the temples and the eyelids.

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How to do it?

Dare to use this technique for those special occasions when you want to be the center of attention. To achieve a softer version of this trend, apply a pink blush on the top of the cheeks, temples, and eyelids and blend them together. Then soften the effect by applying a translucent powder.


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