Nicole Richie, Fashion Evolution - From a chic style to a glamorous look.

Nicole Richie

From a Bohemian and chic style to a glamorous and inspiring look.

Nicole Richie has shown the world two contrasting phases of her life: the first, when she starred in the show “The simple life” with Paris. A time in her life, when she used to appear in the tabloids due to her wild parties in which all kind of scandals were fairly common.


Nicole Richie, today

In the second phase, she became the wife of Joel Madden and the mother of Harlow and Sparrow. Nowadays, in her professional life, she has been a mentor in the show Fashion Star, and is now starring in Candidly Nicole, a reality TV series with critical humor that is air by AOL. She combines these activities with fashion design.

It is common to see her in the front row of the most prestigious fashion runways. Her bohemian and chic style from before, has transformed into a glamorous look that is an object of inspiration for her fans.

For Nicole, her hair is a strong vehicle of expression, she is always using different colors and shades. She wears it in braids or loose in waves, accompanied by a sober and natural makeup.

Sheer dresses in bold colors are the must-have of her wardrobe. She wears skirts, mini shorts and tends to complement her new and sophisticated style with maxi glasses and scarves. For the evening, her look is characterized by the use of black and gold garments, that give her a sophisticated but seductive style.

Confident in herself, is usual to see Nicole Richie wearing flats or low heeled shoes, despite her short stature. With one style or another, she knows how to perfectly mix garments to achieve a fresh, elegant and mature look.

Her FF (Fashion Factor) is humor. With her petite figure, she has managed to position herself, today, as a queen of style, glamour and fashion. In Nicole’s case the old adage seems to be true, that the best things come in small packages

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Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

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