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We all are the inspiration of Fashion

What do we mean by We all are the inspiration of Fashion? Well the explanation is simple and controversial: fashion has always been in the hands of prestigious brands and in the exuberant bodies of celebrities and famous models that worn extraordinary designs and perfectly made-up faces. Today things have changed, fashion had to divest itself of its elitism because authentic women began to dictate fashion.

We don’t want to bore you with the transition from the past to the present day, what matters to us is the now, and today’s fashion is, in all its expressions, absolutely inclusive:

  • In the economic field, “Fast Fashion”, the instant copy of the season’s designs available for everyone, has forced the big brands to reconsidered their business models, in order to reach wider range of women.
  • Regarding the beauty stereotypes of today, as self determined women, we are more inclined to choose our clothes with pragmatism, based on our own style and silhouette instead of dreaming about runway outfits that shine in foreign bodies.
  • It is also true that some conservative and monarchic media, headed by Anna Wintour, continue to dictate what should or should not be fashion each season. However, nowadays, new concepts arise thanks to new forms of media and groups of women that want to democratize fashion, that is to say, reaffirm the fact that fashion is for everyone and that it does not always have to be elitist. Fashion Factor International is leading this campaign, whose sole purpose is to guarantee authentic women, like you, a leading role in the relationship that you have with your favorite brand, designer and style for each season.

For these reasons, this thing we have called democratization of fashion is an unprecedented event that occurs thanks to the interconnectivity that the digital world offers us, the prominent role of women in all areas of society and new inclusive standards of beauty that oppose the elitist precepts still spread by some media outlets that focus more on the display of luxury that in the actual environment in which the authentic women of today lives.


But now let us show you how this transition has occurred in the six dimensions that identify us.


In this regard, one of the designers that doesn’t impose trends, nor products to her consumers is Diane von Fürstenberg, the woman who invented the cross cut dress, also known as the “wrap dress”, a garment that is flattering on any type of body. Dian´s drive is that her faithful followers succeed in becoming the woman they want to be. She owes the incredible success of her brand, to the large group of women who identify themselves with a designer who recognizes their differences.

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On the other hand, in less than a year, Alessandro Michele, the new creative director of Gucci, has revolutionized the fashion world and the way their clients consume the brand. His style concept is not framed by solid unbreakable barriers. In fact he doesn’t design for a particular woman, in his fashion shows there is a whole array of personalities that rotate within the collection in such a way that all women find in it a garment to fall in love with. They always find their dress and their style each season.

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Today, Michael Kors is the face of the authentic American woman. With his lines and products he has democratized fashion by pleasing a very wide range of women. Each girl that selects its clothes can wear high quality garments that highlight her glamour and wardrobe no matter how daring she is with fashion. Kors’s secret is that, if a woman is interested in fashion and in looking glamorous, she is a client that he can satisfy.

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The world of beauty is one of the most influenced by these changes. Two clear examples are Aerie by American Eagle and Lonely, underwear and swimsuit brands that are betting on an authentic woman for their campaigns. Their feminist messages include girls with real bodies, without retouching and with little to no makeup. These brands do not pretend to impose an image of an ideal woman, they accept them as they really are and then they offer them their products. The reason is that beauty is absolutely relative and each woman can find the mirror that best reflects their own image.


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Likewise, Nike continues to  revolutionize the sportswear industry with their mission of bringing inspiration and innovation to all athletes of the world. However, its concept of athlete is absolutely inclusive, as they believe that an athlete is anyone who has a body.

This philosophy has been applied to all their storytelling strategies; even recently, in some advertising campaigns in social media, they used curvy women that are far from the athletic stereotype of the high performance athlete that we are used to see in these type of brands. Sport is health, so athletes are healthy, but we are all athletes. Thus, from this point of view, several brands are following this trend by integrating the dimensions of fashion, health and beauty, to their messages.

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Today a woman´s life is very active in different areas: they direct, study and lead, they are employees or bosses, they have specialized occupations and like to live their own projects. In this regard, the arrival of Phoebe Philo to Céline, was a turning point for fashion. Céline is betting on a real woman, one that works, has a family, and for whom functionality is just as important as style.

Therefore, this brand designs for a woman who builds her looks around key basic pieces that are revitalized by mixing them with ones that blend functionality and artistic interests, which the brand knows their consumers are interested in.

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Esta galeria esta vacia, por favor ingrese fotos

What do you think about this evidence that shows who is really dictating fashion today?

Fashion Factor is the product of this change, we serve a woman who lives in an specific place, connects with the world, has a more cosmopolitan way of thinking, and chooses based on her body type, and with a style that is showcased in the different aspects of her life.

That is why we are with you, because: all women have their place in fashion; because courageous, self-sufficient, free-thinking women, that are heads of their households or that chose to be single… are all authentic women. You are part of them, therefore you have the right to decide what you want to take or avoid of fashion.

For this reason we are a digital platform, Fashion Factor´s design offers you all the technological alternatives available so that you can visit it from any place or any device. You will always be able to come to us, so we can guide you on how to look according to your own characteristics.


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